Mantianito is my machine, right now it has two 8.5GB disks, when it is connected to the internet it runs linux, that's why it is provinding among other services anonymous ftp access for you to upload or download whatever you want to.

If you have any problems try to contact manty via e-mail or try a talk to As I don't expend too much time on-line if you want to upload or download something safely you better give me a talk.

I'm using IP registry, so, whenever I'm on, my machine will be You can now keep track of me asking IP registry for

What you'll find at the bottom is the time mantianito was last connected and the IP it was given, however due to the delay introduced by gocities in updating the page and to make sure if I'm still on, I recommend you to click to get exact info!

Mantianito was last connected on Fri Jun 25 00:25:59 CEST 1999 and its IP was