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Who is MANTY?

Well... MANTY is Santiago García Mantiñán, the one on the upper photo, me, a "young" student of informatics in the Facultad de Informática de La Coruña who from time to time makes a little program, takes a trip on the net, plays a game, drinks some black beers in a pub while listening to celtic music when possible, ...
I like very much cars, motorbikes, planes, mess up the hardware, the assembler, music (nearly everything), analyze and destroy viruses... and (as Ciri would say) over all... <secret> :-).

I was born in Betanzos on April 25th 1973 and since then I have been living in this town, Betanzos, ciudad de los caballeros (town of the gentlemen), which once upon a time had been the capital of the old kingdom of Galicia. I have always studied in Betanzos till I got to the faculty, besides some jumping over the world (Paris, London, Detroit, ...) just becouse of the languages ;-)

How to get in touch with me?

Well, if you want to get in touch with me for whatever you like... here you have some data...

For mail address it to...

Santiago García Mantiñán
C/ Valdoncel 57-2
15300 Betanzos

On BBS nets you can get me in FIC BBS on the following addresses:

FidoNet... 2:348/105.66
FicNet... 13:348/1.44

FicNet is the local net of FIC BBS (Tlf: +34-81-135325), the BBS of the Facultad de Informática de La Coruña, you can find a mirror of its archives on ftp://ceu.fi.udc.es, wich has a search engine on http://ceu.fi.udc.es

And of course through e-mail...

mailbox: manty@geocities.com

Some friends with WWW pages

Juan Carlos Martínez Osorio (Juma) and Francisco Otero García (FOG), a couple of faculty mates guilty for me being here at this moment, cause they are the ones that have made an Internaut out of me and who have shown me how this thing works, greetings to them ;-)

Ciriaco García de Celis, one of the best low level programmers on PCs who is also working on a lot of other things with the Grupo Universitario de Informática of the Universidad de Valladolid and on his own. World record keeper in storage capacity on a flopy disk first with his program 2M and now with 2MGUI. Programs that I've had the honour of BetaTesting for him in different versions. As he would say, we also exchange E-Mails on programming and other subjects.
Some data on Ciri: He lives in Valladolid where he studies informatics (Phisical Systems) at the university. He likes to collect postcards of different places, he likes dance music (disco) over all and science-fiction films,... He's got the bad habit of dedicate his time to other people so that he is not able to have the versions of 2M*.* available at the announced date :-( but... we cannot do anything about that because he is just a kind person ;-)

Andreas Geesen (ROSSO), the guy you must blame if something is wrong with SBPVOL's german translation };-) and the one you must greet if you think this new version is valuable, cause if he hadn't translated the program into german I probably wouldn't have written this version.
He is a really nice guy who likes electronics, techno-music, dancing, swimming, ... maybe you can find him on the irc as Titus in channel #paderborn (server irc.xs4all.nl e.g.)

Works and projects (present state, foresights, ...)

As always, a lot of pojects are spinning inside my head, among them:

Beta BBS:
I'd like to open a BBS under linux in my home town (Betanzos). What has driven me to do this is the expensiveness of the phone calls you need to make to reach a BBS from here, even though there are BBS'es within 25 Km. The reason of me wanting to make it run under linux is that it has impressed me a lot. It's got a lot of things that make it desirable, but the greatest is that it is a complete OS. I also want to demonstrate to the FIC Crew that you can make the bigest BBS you can imagine run under linux without the limitations that other OS'es impose }:-) even though their solution under OS/2 Warp is not a bad one, but apart of being a lot more expensive I still believe that the linux one is better ;-)
Linux 2mgui support:
Well, this project has allowed me to get my diploma in computer science at last ':-). But there is still a long way to go, right now I have finished one part, the gtools or guitools, which allow linux to read 2mgui disks and in a future I'd like to get the writing done.

Well, I think this is all about the really new projects, as for the old ones... there are news, so... let's get to it!

SBPVOL's state and derivated projects

SBPVOL, the SB Pro remote control is a resident program to adjust the volume of the SB Pro.
It only takes 1056 bytes of memory and works under nearly every single program (even under Windows in protected mode).
The new characteristics of this version (4.01) are those of the 4.00 (full control of the SB Pro's mixer from the resident part and also the German support, translation by ROSSO) plus that now the port of the SB is obtained from the BLASTER enviroment and the hardware test is only done if forced, also it shouldn't crash Windows 95 anymore, it is finally a non beta version.
If you want to know more about this version characteristics search downwards for the links to the program, which includes a detailed documentation.

Well, this is (or at least that's what I think) the last version of SBPVOL. Why? well, this is already almost a full version of the program (cd player and screen saver are still missing :-( ) and I'm not really thinking in writing a SB16 version nor to support those missing funtions. There is a reason for this also, DOS is finished, Windows suxx and Linux rules a lot, so I'm beginning to program for linux, but ... There is still a chance, if I receive enough mail to encourage me to... I'll get to it.
So... all you have to do is write to me (I'll give more power to convince me to the postcards than the e-mail) telling me you use my program and that you would like me to include those options or other ones or a SB 16 or a multicard version as some of the FIC beta-testers have alerady vervally asked and then maybe there'll be another version of sbpvol or even a SB16VOL or a MULTIVOL wich right now I'm not thinking in writing.

As allways you know you can send me all kind of suggestions cause they will be welcome, so if you have something to tell me you can use the e-mail link on the end of the page, ok?

Where to find SBPVOL

In ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/simtelnet/msdos/sound/sbpv401.zip or in any of the SimTel mirrors.
In ftp://garbo.uwasa.fi/pc/sb/sbpv401.zip or in any of its mirrors (garbo).
In ftp://x2ftp.oulu.fi/pub/msdos/programming/mxutil/sbpv401.zip
In ftp://luna.gui.uva.es/pub/pc/sound/sbpv401.zip

And now the greetings:

Thanks to all those that have written me to tell me any kind of idea, you know you can continue doing it. I'm counting on you!

Special thanks to...

News about gtools or guitools for Linux

gtools, the mtools like tools to support the reading of 2mgui disks (the guinness in capacity, 2+ million free bytes in 3.5 HD), were my project on the Facultad de Informática of the Universidad de La Coruña to get my diploma, but they are just the beginning of the 2mgui for linux project, right now this part of the project allows us to read 2mgui disks under Linux, I'm preparing a shell to add to them and in the future I'd like them to be able to read at least at twice the actual speed and also to be able to write this disks, who knows, maybe this might be my ingeneering project.

Where to get gtools

In ftp://ceu.fi.udc.es/pub/os/linux/misc/gtools-0.1.0.tgz
In ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/utils/disk-management/gtools-0.1.0.tgz or in any of its mirrors.

Greetings go to:

News about 2m & 2mgui.

2m & 2mgui are two disk formatting programs disigned by Ciriaco García de Celis wich let you get a higher capacity our of your disks, from the good old 5.25 DD to the 3.5 ED. The technology used in 2m is the normal one, like for example the one on the XDF used by IBM, even though 2m is older ;-) this technology will let us get 1886KB of a 3.5 HD disk. 2mgui uses a new idea that lets us go where we never have dreamt before, more than 2 million free bytes on what we usually call a 1.44 disk. To obtain more info on 2m or 2mgui you can have a look at its author's page (Ciriaco García de Celis). Last known versions are 2m 3.0 and 2mgui 1.9 soon to be released 2m 3.5 or maybe even 4.0 and 2mgui 2.0 (even faster).

mailbox: manty@geocities.com